Easton Chang APP - 2015 Australian Advertising Photographer of the Year

"It's a tremendous privilege and achievement to win the AIPP Advertising award. It summaries the hard work that has been the last 12 months of my photography, and a motivator to push my work even further next year."

Born and raised in Newcastle, NSW Australia - Easton Chang is an international photographer specialising in automotive advertising imagery. He has been shooting cars for over 10 years around the nation and abroad, and has won the coveted AIPP Advertising Photographer Award 3 times. Easton has worked for numerous advertising campaigns for clients such as Ford, Jaguar, Cadillac and Chevrolet.

Winner of AIPP Advertising Category 2012, 2013 and 2015. Entering Canon AIPP APPA's - 4 years.


Image credit Easton Chang - Click on each image below to read the back stories of what inspired Easton to capture these images

Easton Chang APP - Shot on location in El Mirage desert, California USA before approaching rainy weather, we had to shoot fast before the rain would reach us and potentially leave our team stranded in a muddy lake bed. This is a specially modified Mercedes Benz AMG GT-S from San Diego.
Easton Chang APP - This shot for Mercedes Benz Australia is a fantastic collaboration between the photography, designer and stylists on set. The image was shot on location near Broke, NSW. We literally had minutes to shoot with the thunderous clouds approaching over us. The result is a gloomy, mysterious tonal image that depicts the day and location we shot on the day.
Easton Chang APP - Shot for Porsche Australia, this is the million dollar Porsche 918 Spyder in the absolute centre of Australia. The brief was to showcase the German supercar in contrast among the Australian colour and landscape.
Easton Chang APP - An image shot for Chrysler Action, this Valiant was shot in the back streets of Sydney late in the evening.