Is there a cost to watch the judging in Melbourne?

No there is no cost.  It is FREE to attend.

Does the same subject rule apply across categories?

Yes the same subject applies across all categories.  In all images entered you can't have the same subject.

What is a core category in the APPA awards?

Core categories are Commercial, Landscape, Wedding, Portrait, Illustrative and Documentary

Do I need to print images for the awards?

All for categories you need to print and matt images to be judged

Where can I get an official print case?

Please call the national office on 03 9888 4111 to order.  During peak awards periods we send print cases daily.  To be safe please purchase your print case early and allow for Australia Post.  Print cases are $135 plus postage

What is a print critique?

A print critique is held in your local state before the state and national awards.  Print critique gives you an opportunity to received feedback on your images before entering them into the awards.  

What are the judges looking for? 

The judges are given the following assessment criteria to think about when judging images.
Communication & narrative skills
Visual & emotional impact
Composition & image design
Timing, anticipation
Processing, post-production & presentation

I am a first time AIPP member entrant, can you explain the process?

Please read the following page http://www.aipp.com.au/members/first-time-awards-entrant 


Do I need an official print case? 

Yes you need an official print case when entering the awards.  At the national awards we have over 800 entrants (all therefore 800 cases) so to make sure your images go back in the correct case and send back to you this print cases is essential.

The only exception to this rule is if you are a student and using the educational institutions print case. If you are using the educational institutions print case all images will be returned in this print case and delivered back to the school.

Do I have to do online registration or just send in physical versions of my entries?

You need to complete the online entry for all entries.  This online entry is the back bone of the awards system and images uploaded are used in live streaming of the awards and in promoting winning entries after the awards are complete.

Do I have to enter all 4 images into the one categories or can they be split over multiple categories?

You don't have to enter all 4 images into the one category you can split them over multiple categories. At a national level you would be eligible to win the Creative Photographer of the year award.  The creative category is not available at a state level.  If you do enter all 4 images into one category (if accredited you will be eligible for the Category award prize).   

If I don’t enter 4 images, can I win the category?

If you don't enter 4 images into the one category you can't win the category.  Categories can only be won by an accredited or non member that enters 4 images into the one category.

If I enter 1 image into 4 different categories, am I eligible to win a category or the PPY?

No you can't win a category at the state awards.  At APPA you would be eligible for the Creative Photographer of the Year award.

How to I find my scores?

You can find your scores here http://aippawards.com 

After the awards have taken place, how long until I get my print case returned to me?

After the awards are completed they are sent to the post office the following day.  It should take less than 1 week.

What is the requirement for the minimum size of my image?

The visible image must be at least 26cms on the longest side.  It is recommend to print the image slightly larger so when the matts attached the viable images is still at least 26cms.

When will we know the judging schedule?

We can't advise the judging schedule until after the close of entries.  Once we know the number of entries in each category then the judging schedule will be announced by email and on social media.

Can you explain the same subject rule

2 images can't have the same subject.  The subject is the focus of an image.  An example of this is you can't have a bride and groom in one image and then the same bride in another image with another guest of the wedding. 

How strict is the 2 years rule

This is a very strict rule the 2 years is from the close of entries.  E.g. the close of entries for APPA is 11th August 2016 so images entered must have been taken after the 11th August 2014.

Does my fee include the return postage?

For the national awards return postage is included in the entry fee.  For state awards this is an additional fee of $15 to cover this cost.

Should I print my print labels in colour or black and white?

Please print your labels in colour

Where do you suggest to have your prints printed?

There are many printers in each state the best place to ask is on the state FB pages.

Can non-AIPP-members enter the state awards?

Yes non members can enter the state awards.  Non members can only enter up to 4 images in total.

Why can’t you enter albums or books into the state awards?

At the state awards level there is not enough entries to make it a competition so we have keep this only at a national level where the competition is form all over Australia.


STILL can't find the answer you are look for?  Call the national Office 03 9888 4111 or email [email protected]