New AIPP Masters - Gold Bars

Congratulations to the AIPP Masters of Photography who received Gold Bars for 2017

After achieving their Masters in Photography the following recipients received additional gold bars at the 2016 AIPP APPA which represents an additional 10 points earned over 5 consecutive years. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.

First Gold Bar

Ben Kopilow
Benjamin Liew
Brian Randall
Greg Sullavan
Hilary Hann
Jannick Clausen
John Ansell
Linda Beks
Rebecca Croft

Second Gold Bar

James Simmons
Paul Hoelen
Vicki Bell
Nick Rains
Keren Dobia
Christopher Ian
Steve Wise
Charles McKean
Kelly Barker
Kaye Davis
Frances Suter

Third Gold Bar

Alan Moyle
Damien Bowerman
Mandarine Montgomery
Robyn Miller
Simon Casson

Fourth Gold Bar

Hilary Wardhaugh
Lisa Saad