Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog - 2016 AIPP Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year

This award is something every entrant dreams of winning. It is a bittersweet win as my father was not here to see. To be named Australian Landscape Photographer of the year  has been one of my proudest moments. This has been a fabulous recognition for many years of hard work, amazing journeys and all my supporters over the years. My images were all photographed in Denmark on a family visit to see my Dad who was not well. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer while I was there and the images I captured were photographed with my Mum while going out on day trips following days from Dads passing.The image from Valdemar's castle "reflection image" is extra special to me as the lone figure you see on the left side is my Mum.  


My name is Jannick Clausen, I was born in Denmark and moved to Australia at the age of 14 with my parents. I was first introduced to cameras by my Dad who was a keen photographer himself. My professional photography career launched when I was hired to be a sports photographer for an international paintball magazine travelling around Europe and the United States of America covering tournaments. I travelled around and after a few years moved back home to Australia where I started my own business photographing weddings, portraits and fine art landscapes.


Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog - This is photographed in Denmark in a small planted forest area.I was drawn to the tree and love the texture in the trunks.
Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog - This image was photographed in Denmark at one of many farming fields around the city of Odense.
Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog - This is a castle in Denmark called Valdemars Slot. This image is extra special to me as the figure you can see is the corner is my mum.
Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog - This is photographed in Denmark and is a composite of two locations I loved. The circle of stones with the small forest inside was captivating but was only surrounded by a field so Using photoshop i moved it on top of the small costal island