Gee Greenslade APP M.Photog - 2016 AIPP Australian Professional Illustrative Photographer of the Year

It feels like a magical dream that I'm yet to be woken up from. I mean - really how does a frolicking dirt child like me ever get to hang out with some of the best photographers in the world - let alone have their name up on the same pages as some of those greats. 

About Gee

Gee Greenslade lives at home with her dog Richie creating magical fantasy scenes out of found objects. She has been a photographer for over 10 years and in that time has been everything from a commercial photographer, fashion and glamour photographer, documentary, portrait photographer and digital retouch artist, before settling on being a fully fledged (not so starving) artist. 

Her artwork has seen her win the prestigious award of South Australian Professional Photographer of the year in 2015, South Australian Illustrative Photographer of the year twice, South Australian Portrait Photographer of the year 2015, South Australian Creative Photographer of the year 2013 and the Australian Illustrative Photographer of the year for 2015 and 2016. All those achievements make her feel super fancy.

She is represented by DeLaLiff in Rundle Place South Australia who always stock her collectable pieces. Outside of her photographic life, she is learning to play ukelele (badly) loves daily trips to the dog park hanging out with all the neighbourhood dogs and cycling to as many places as she can.

Gee Greenslade APP M.Photog - My 18 year old dog Jontie had just passed away, and my heart was pretty broken from the whole experience. I needed to make artwork about dogs and companionship, and so my amazing manager Dani found Braeda - this georgeous white german shepard. She was an incredible dog and we spent an afternoon making this work.
Gee Greenslade APP M.Photog - A part of the We Could Have Moved Mountains Series of work, created using tiny figurines and twigs all mashed together. This shot is really jut a small conversation about last years win. It has the little guy with a BUNCH of stuff in his way and a tiny little sting of hope leading him to the birth of something new.
Gee Greenslade APP M.Photog - This image was made with a mix of glitch art techniques as well as photoshop. GLitch is where you deliberately corrupt the file making it feel broken down and distorted. in this case it was done using sound. You can transfer an image from its visual representation into a sound version of it, and then save it back as an image,The photograph itself it a portrait of my friend Rachael - who has change my life in so many ways. She is a muic lover and has a passion for beauty in all its ways.
Gee Greenslade APP M.Photog - This image was a conversation about geek culture and the things I adore. Tetris features in this piece as well as bright colours and pixelation. Its an ode to all things nerdy