Apply for a Wildcard


Like all good rules, we recognise there may be exceptions.

If you are not seeded, but believe you should be treated as though you were, tell us why and our Awards Team will consider your circumstances with the possibility of offering you a wildcard direct entry into APPA.

The type of circumstances which may give rise to a wildcard entry are:

- Illness - Preventing you entering your state awards
- Financial Hardship – If your business is suffering financial hardship, you can discreetly let us know and apply for a wild card entry into APPA.
- Prior business arrangements. If you were previously seeded in 2015 and entered APPA in 2015 on that basis, and you are not seeded for 2016, you may feel it is too late to prepare your entries for your state awards in 2016 due to prior commitments.

To apply for a wildcard entry sent an email to