New AIPP Masters

Congratulations to the new AIPP Masters of Photography for 2019

The following recipients have been awarded the honour of Master of Photography at the 2019 AIPP APPA. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.

Aaron Dowling
Alex Cearns
Angela Robertson-Buchanan
Bianca Turri
Channon Williamson
Chris Elfes
Claire Pinder
Emily Black
Eric Ronald
Erin King
Fiona Handbury
Fiona McGuire
Gavin Scott
Gavin Jowitt
Guido Brandt
Henry Coughlin
Jimmy Teo
Katherine Williams
Kuo-wei Alex Huang
Lib Ferreira
Liza Clements
Melanie Sinclair
Nancy Morrison
Robert Coppa
Stuart Westmore
Suellen Cook
Yane Sotiroski

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